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October 13, 2008


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Hi Robert,

After reading your info guru manual, I have re-structured my business. I'm now more focused and more targeted. I know where to find my customers and improve my marketing budget.

I am now implementing your advice and will monitor the resutls.

Looking forward to know more about your club.



Having been to a workshop this summer, reading the info guru manual, having the website toolkit, and your podcasts, and reading MANY articles by you, I am excited to know of an interactive program.

I hope there will both info from you and some way for us to be accountable and ask for help.

I do have a plan in action. I am contacting schools to help them with their fund raising. I do a teleconference for free, but they get to charge for the participants. I get exposure, they get fundraising. Great in this economic climate.

Kammy Thurman

Hi Robert,

Good stuff...and I can't wait to find out more about the marketing club!

Sonja Jefferson

Hi Robert,
This sounds very good to me. I help independent professionals write their marketing literature but I don't have anyone who does this for me! It's always good to have an independent view and I'd love some feedback and coaching, plus the opportunity to network with others. I look forward to the launch.

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