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September 15, 2008


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Bea Tsola

"Tough times" present an opportunity to any business to put in place structures/systems/business ideas that we may have shelved (read: procrastinated on) for a long time. I know i had to do that when the economy in Kenya was badly hit at the beginning of this year and being a start-up that was such "bad timing" but it was quite an opportune time to re-think my business, who i am and who am not. I agree with Robert's comments about having a strategic plan on how to market your business as tough times call for different measures.

Corrina Gordon-Barnes

Thank you Robert for addressing this issue.

My belief is that we need to start questioning the fundamental premise of our economy i.e. that continued economic growth is possible and desirable. We actually can't go on forever in that direction. The change in climate warns against it, the end of cheap oil will prohibit it.

As we help our clients move in directions which are more sustainable, we are offering genuinely new solutions and maps along unchartered territory. It's a different direction from that of most service providers, so we will automatically stand out from the crowds.

The economic so-called 'crisis' could be our greatest impetus for societal change. Offer THAT as the bottom-line our clients will be investing in. They get to be an integral part of that change, with us supporting them.

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