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September 01, 2008


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John Maver

We buy from friends and friends know our name.

We respond to our name and it is the "sweetest sound" to all of us.

Talk to me!

The Law of Personalization is not just a suggestion.


Lisa Braithwaite

To be honest, I'm afraid to personalize my mass mailings, even with first names. So many people sign up on my mailing list with an initial or otherwise unclear first name, and I really don't want to send out my newsletter with "Dear M" at the top. But for targeting mailings, for example, to my e-course list, I will personalize with names.

But I always personalize e-mails when I'm writing to prospects or other people I've met. I mention how I know them, something we talked about, and offer a resource if I can (not just my own, but others' sites, books, or blogs, when appropriate).

I'm not sure I would mail hard copies of articles; most people I know are trying to reduce their paper files. I don't want to make more trash for my prospects! I prefer to send a small note card - a link can be included, but at least the note card is a small piece of art.

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