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August 18, 2008


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Barbara Saunders

When I worked as a personal trainer, I had great success using an anaerobic training class both as a product in itself and as a springboard to selling private training packages.

Target: Gym members already doing aerobic exercise regularly in the gym.

Problem: Not getting the results they wanted in one of a few, named areas: weight loss, performance in some sport activity, and/or enough variety to keep the workouts fun.

Outcome: More fun and the means to overcome weight loss and performance plateaus.

Package: 6 week class, twice a week in a limited-size class with others who are purusing the same goals - at half the cost of private training for the same time period.

Story: "Three times thiry minutes a week is not the complete picture; it's really a baseline. If you want to take your fitness to the next level, let me show you how to safely incorporate higher intensity training to your routine."

Presentation: Fortunately the presentation was easy; the club had designers to make professional fliers and a place to post them. The only hitch was competition from other trainers with other offers.

Result: I filled the small class, and then sold $1,000 private training packages to 3 class members. Those sessions led to a couple of additional referrals as well.

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