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August 04, 2008


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Kare Anderson

Here’s how I use the Law of Relatedness. Followers of Middleton’s savvy ideas could adapt this approach by offering to speak twice at a member-based organization where their kind of clients belonged.

At the beginning of my session on SmartPartnering at annual conferences, I ask the audience to listen closely to three of their peers who successfully adopted at least one of the methods they heard me suggest, when I spoke to the group the last year.

(The previous year I'd invited attendees to write to me about the successful way they used one of my methods, saying I would pick three lucky people to share their success with their colleagues the next year.

Two months before the conference I called three of the most fervent, successful attendees, invited them to speak and reviewed with them what they would say.)

At my session, each of the three has three minutes to describe how they put their partnership method into practice in their business and what benefit(s) resulted.

Then audience members could vote on their favorite real life story from their peer (with whom they could relate) by writing the name of the person on the back of their business card (or blank card on their seat).

After the three spoke, attendees were asked to pass their cards to the aisle where they would be counted.

I said that the winner would be announced at the end of my session - and then began my seminar.

That winner would get a $400 package of my products + a gift from an exhibitor at the conference.

After the session the winner would pick up the exhibitor's gift at the exhibitor’ booth in the tradeshow.

With this approach audience attendees hear success stories from peers with whom they can relate - before I start my session. It starts positive conversation amongst them - about my "product" speaking and creating products on SmartPartnering.

Those three who spoke are motivated to be their articulate best. This approach engenders bragging rights in those three, the winner and the "sponsoring" exhibitor.

One way to deepen the Law of Relatedness is to establish ways that your happy customers can speak and act in support of their belief in your product.

Each time they do, they become more deeply believing and articulate fans - thus increasing their influence on their peers.

BTW, as a longtime fan of Middleton's pithy, news-you-can-use ideas, I recommend him in my speaking at conferences of those in professional services - so his Law of Relatedness sure worked on me.

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