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August 11, 2008


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Ray Pryor

Hey Robert, great advice here. As a web developer-turned-photographer, I live by the information design rule that people can only process 5 things at time. Anything above that and the "overwhelmness" sets in. I'd advice your readers to limit the number of sections on their web site to no more than 5; five + a contact link at the most. I've seen a lot of sites, some that even use your WebToolkit, that have a huge laundry list of section choices. As your article demonstrates, if we keep the choices simple, we'll get a much greater response. As always, good stuff Robert!

- Ray Pryor
Emotia - Wedding Pictures That Move

Therese Skelly

Hey Robert,
Great reminders. Thanks for your article.

When I work with clients, one of the places I see where they offer too many choices is in their chosen (or NOT chose) niche. Too many business owners want to work with 'everyone' who needs their service. I always say that you can serve multiple groups of people, but you can't market to them in the same website/marketing materials.
Forcing clients to narrow their niche has been a great way for them to begin to see better results.

Keep up the great work.

Therese Skelly
Small Business Owner's Success Coach

Hazel Wagner

Thank you for all the wonderful short articles in your ezine.

This one especially hit home since I've been building one of my web sites,, to be so full of great information that it probably is giving too many choices. I don't get the number of sign-ups for my ezine that I thought considering the 1000's who visit my site.

Grace Chatting

Thanks again Robert.
This is so helpful. I have so many interests and ideas, I want to write about them all and of course this can become unfocused. I am in the process of setting up a new website so I shall adopt the Law of Limited Choice.
Grace Chatting

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