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July 07, 2008


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Hi Robert,

Are you referring to Sean D'Souza from Psychotactics?
(I think you will have to check your spelling, it is D'Souza)

I get his weekly newsletter and the articles are always good.


Kristen Russell


Good stuff. I have several lines of business in my firm and this wouldn't work at all for two of them but is PERFECT for the third.

I have already laid out the White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Brown Belt and Black Belt packages for this line, and hope to finish a final marketing piece for a prospect to whom I present on MOnday.

Any objection to me using these exact package names? I love the Karate analogy and think a lot of prospects will be able to relate to it.


Bea Tsola

I couldn't agree with this article more. I've found myself asking the same questions because the market demands of your products or services and it is very easy to want to throw everything at them with little thought of the process. I will certainly think this through even as i evaluate my own business and see how i can progress my services

Jane Noel

I've been reading Sean d'Sousa's Psycotactics newsletter for a few years now. He has a fantastic way of explaining marketing concepts in plain English. It's interesting to hear how his presentation made a difference to someone with as much marketing know-how as you!

joan Bell

Hi Robert,

Once again you have offered us a new insight and model that we can actually use now and it makes perfect sense to me.

Even though it is not rocket science it is often only a distinction, an awareness and a bit of vision that can help us move to another level.I like it!

Thanks Robert,
Joan Bell

Alyson B. Stanfield

Thanks for sharing this with us, Robert. I am going to pore over it and see how I can apply it. And I look forward to seeing you put it into action.

Kammy Thurman


I can see how this approach would work for a consultant, but I'm trying to picture how it would work for a photography professional -- other than offering different levels of image packages, which is already the industry standard.

Pamela Slim

Robert, one of the things that I love the most about you is that you are constantly learning and growing in your own field. Your excitement and enthusiasm for this model jumps off the page -- I can FEEL how it got your brain buzzing.

And practically, it makes perfect sense! As a former intense martial artist, I can attest that there ain't any skipping over the basics. People would come to class the first day and say "when can I do a back flip?" I would smile and say "let's start with doing 100 pushups and situps a day." They soon learned that there was a lot of depth to even beginner moves. And I knew that in order to do a fancy move like a backflip safely and at the right time, they needed lots and lots of hours practicing the basics.

The more advanced I got in my own training, the more I didn't want to learn the more difficult moves until I was ready, since I realized that with more power came more responsibility (and more likelihood of getting smacked down on the floor by someone wanting to prove himself against an advanced student).

I have loved to watch your business grow, and I can't wait for the relaunch in September.

Good work!




While I like the idea of structuring a business into levels, it's certainly not a new or radical idea.

I think the challenge is, rather, getting people to actually use your products, no matter what level they may be at.

So how do you plan to do that part?

In your new business structure, how will you deal with those people who already have some marketing knowledge, and who do not need to start at the beginner's level?

Take as an analogy, if you will, a karate student with a blue belt who is looking for a new teacher. You can't put him back in the white belt beginners' class but how will you know that he, too, is actually consuming your products - and how will you know what products to offer him in the first place?


Linda Spaanbroek

Robert, Thank you for this weeks very clear and insidefull article. It made me realize I need to fill some stages. In my business I now have my free eZine and my workhops, without anything in between or after the workshops. Might this be because I missed relevant info since I went from your stage 0 tot 3 in one jump? ;-) All kidding aside, I've work(ed) thru your Info Guru Manual and Website Toolkit and am very happy about the results I've booked so far. With the information from this article I can take it a step further.

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