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June 16, 2008


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Ryan Healy

Robert - Breckenridge is beautiful this time of year. In fact, just about anywhere in the Rocky Mountains is beautiful in summer. Hope you enjoyed your down time.

I live in Denver, and I love hiking in Summit County during the summer... and, of course, visiting the resorts during the winter.

kerry dexter

travel allows for constant changes of perspective, and as you're suggesting, time for reflection. may I point out, too, that there are many of us who work in music who travel constantly as well, no rock star situations attached. it is always a good challenge to create ways that works to serve the music, and the business of music

Greg Halpen

Hi, Robert!

As I dive deeper into the business side of my practice, I am noticing beautiful growing pains. (This is in response to your request to share what's stretching us in our business.)What's stretching me is the daily work I need to do to keep my business (relationship coach)fresh, visible and energetic. Constantly putting myself out there to be noticed has always been a challenge for me, but not so much anymore. I am really looking forward to working with my Action Plan Marketing Coach...if my business is gaining the attention it is now, I can only imagine where this will take my practice next. I am thrilled about the possibilities!

Thanks for what you do!

Greg Halpen
The Gay Guy's Love Coach


We just celebrated our five-year anniversary, and I don't think we've ever stopped stretching. You could say it's the nature of our business, my own nature as the leader, or even the nature of human beings (Fellow Addicts, you can see experts opine about your brain's addiction to those learning opiods at But in all honesty I would have to see that the single-greatest contributor to stretching our thinking and actions is our blog. Knowing that people come back to view our blog a few times a week, and that some of them compare what we post to what we act on, is like having the principal at the school constantly looking over your shoulder. You had better be following your own advice...

Alyson B. Stanfield

Aw, see. It would have been so easy for you to add a Denver venue. (Just kidding, of course. Everyone deserves a vacation and I can't fault you for vacationing in our state!)

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