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March 24, 2008


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Monique Caradine

I'm finally getting over that sick feeling when I have to call people back. A quick personal story: Today I received a call from a potential client who had received some marketing material from me. Initially I just asked her how things were going, she said fine and we said goodbye. I realized that I was missing an opportunity and falling back into that dangerous comfort zone. Instead of kicking myself, I called her right back and asked who was doing her PR. She said "no one." I then asked if I could send her my free publicity e-zine and she said "sure." Now that was breaking out of the comfort zone! I'll let you know when she becomes a paid client. I'll keep pushing myself to break free of that 'zone.' Thanks for your insight.

Barbara Ruth Saunders

Years ago, I worked as a personal trainer. I made the wise investment of paying my business mentor to lead me through sessions as if I were his client. I came to understand that he didn't sell his "service" at all. He led me through a distinct experience and then told me directly how what I felt connected to the results I wanted to get.

I chucked my standard spiel and started conducting my introductory sessions the way he did -- I "read" what people were confused about and created an experience that pointed to that area of confusion. I told them where I thought clarity would lie for them. My business took off. Within six months, people were approaching me on the gym floor based on the way they saw me working with other people!

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