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March 31, 2008


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Suzanne Carter

wanted to comment on the "overpreparedness" part of the Middleton Comfort Zone checklist

... "go back to school" is my perpetual first impulse, followed by - ew, entrance exams, tuition, ack -

followed by, "hm, okay, must get more certified instead" ...

Methinks that, as with the Yerkes-Dodson Law arousal-performance curve, there is an optimal level of schooling, training, credentialling to get under your belt before practicing your service - (e.g., if you're training to be my MD, I encourage you to get LOTS and LOTS of training) - but at some point, you just have to get out there and contribute to the world in addition to learning from it.

And there's nothing that says you can't learn AND contribute at the same time ...

oo. I think I just had my own little aha there.

Thanks, Robert!

michael kihiko


I successfully launched a trial monthly ezine about a year ago for a period of three months but withdrew it to incorporate other ideas. You can all guess what happened.........I am yet to overcome the inertia created by the long break and I keep on procrastinating!

kerry dexter

this is timely for me too. I've been taking waaay too long to get a book proposal out the door, and to follow up on several related possibilities as well. this post reminded me that there's really nothing holding me back from doing any of that.

Marta Anders


This article couldn't be more timely. I am about to launch my ezine and I'm finding I have a lot of fear. I find myself wanting to be perfectly prepared and using that as an excuse not to start. Thanks for helping me to see that my fear is about committing to something and not following through. Now I know I can ask one of my fellow coaches to be my accountability partner so I feel more secure as I take on this new role.


Monique Caradine

What a fantastic blog entry. It resonates with me because earlier this year, I stepped out of my comfort zone and began marketing to persepctive and current clients on a regular basis. Thanks to you, I realized there is an art to marketing and it's not always about sending and email or direct mail piece about a new service or sale. It's about sharing new information that can help your clients without always charging them for every little thing. It's about becoming their "go-to" person for publicity, marketing, coaching training or whatever you do. It's about building your brand as the expert in your field. That's how you keep people coming back. As a publicity coach and media trainer, I started an eZine on how to get publicity. Now I have people around the country subscribing. It's quite remarkable! I've been in the media for 15 years and never knew the power of the concept you so eloquently address weekly in your blog and newsletter. Thanks for your enlightened perspective!

Louise BJ

To me, staying inside my comfort zone means writing newsletters, articles, blogging etc., and I know that's the same for a lot of people.

Picking up the phone to follow up, or getting out there to meet people is the uncomfortable but most productive part of any marketing campaign.

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