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March 03, 2008


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Relationships count. When asked for three factors that influence their online purchases, 62% chose familiarity with vendor. 39% gave the opinions of friends and colleagues a major role. Only 21% said emails and coupons were influential. Makes sense to me. A coupon from an unknown does not impress yours truly. A sales- pitch email from an unknown is likely to be deleted. However, a coupon from a desired and trusted source might even get me to cough up my email address. The reverse is not true.

Factoring Invoices Expert

I used your InfoGuru Manual to launch my business. One lesson that I took was that "Clarity of Message". This is true for anyone that sells a complex product.... if your message requires the client to "join the dots" you'll loose the sale.

Mark Wayland

Robert, what about the emotional aspects of marketing in a business. Shouldn't there be some clarity about that as well that's included in the process? To me it's the distinction between "what do you do?" and "what business are you really in?" I'd like to know your thoughts on nailing this aspect of a business.

Duncan Brodie

Hi Robert

Another great ezine and blog post. Your ideas are as always grounded,action focused, simple and highly effective.

Duncan Brodie


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Louise Barnes-Johnston

As a long time customer of yours, I know that your products work! Once again, you've hit the nail right on the head. So many business owners just try to fit in a bit here and there, when they have time.

Marketing needs to be a process - planned, ongoing and monitored. Keep up the good work Robert, there's still a lot of educating to do out there!

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