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March 11, 2008


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Karen Field

Hi Robert,
Thanks for this excellent post - it's so helpful to see a practical example. I have the same question as Tohami... I'm about to launch a product for the first time so I don't have any testimonials - is it effective to use testimonials for other products/services I provide instead?

Shama Hyder

Hi Robert,

Great points! I think leveraging your list is a great idea and I feel testimonials really help the prospects connect.


Hello Robert,

Thank you for the great information.

I dislike being hit over the head with daily -or sometimes twice daily- e-mails. Especially when the marketers use tricks like: "Ooops - forgot to add the link" (I know that this can happen but sometimes you just know that it's a trick). Also, I can't stand when I get all kinds of detailed information about their personal lives including the cat who just coughed up a hairball. Who cares! I just unsubscribe...

Louise BJ

Hi Robert

Thanks for this great step by step outline.

Online marketing campaigns that come from people I've got to know, like and trust are a bit like messages from a friend. What you've done in this post/ezine is to introduce your workshops 'gently'. Your mailings are welcome and not 'overdone'.

The campaigns I really dislike are those that hit me over the head daily (sometimes even more often) with mailings about their product or event. I usually unsubscribe from their list - just to stop getting the mailings. These people don't really care about their list, they just want the sales - they're not in it to build long term relationships.

Mohamed Tohami

Hello Robert,

Thank you for this great outline.

What if someone has no list to promote his program to? And what if this is the first time you conduct this workshop and therefore you have no testimonials?


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