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February 25, 2008


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Blair Rorani

I think my audio logo/marketing message is a bit long winded in the problem section.

I WORK WITH people that write or develop training programmes

WHO are good at getting their training content together, but struggle to come up with a design for their training materials that looks professional

I HELP THEM produce more professional and consistent looking materials every time.

rob hook

Excellent copy. Thanks


Ken Peabody

Yeah, I really need to work on my mantra... I'm somewhere around a 13...


At first blush, I thought my score was 25, and was pleased, since clarity has been my mantra for years.

Then...I scrutinized the questions and my answers, and realized that my score was really a 21. Bummer!

This was great to make me aware of where I needed to improve. Thank you!

Lynne Fredericks

Sometimes when we have limiting belief systems in place such as, fear of success, fear of failure,fear of being judged,etc..all these negative programs keep us from doing what is best for ourselves and our growing businesses. By having confusion and lack of clarity, can keep all this negative programming in place. These negative belief systems end up being our personal truths.

Shama Hyder

23- But, I am always learning from the best. = )

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