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February 10, 2008


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Rob "the Business CoPilot" Hook

A very insightful post. Fear is a great demotivator and hampers us all in achieving our goals. The good thing (as I hope Robert will go on to tell us) is that it can be dealt with.

More like this please!


Andrea Glass

Although you may be accurate about the fears stemming from childhood, mine seem to come from past experience. The client who wasn't happy with my work (although there have been many more who have been happy), the prospects who never return phone calls or emails (they probably wouldn't have made great clients anyway), and the continual playing of telephone or email tag. Also, lots of marketing I've done has yielded few results, so I think my fear is more of: it probably won't work anyway, because it didn't in the past, so why bother. Thanks for your helpful insights.

Lynne Fredericks

Hi Robert,

Yes, events happen in our life (some we have forgotten but they are still held in our bodies)and we look through those colored glass for the rest of it. In fact, because of what happened we have created powerful beliefs and will recreate our lives to fit those belief systems. Those become our truths. I am an Emotional Technique Practitioner and I see this everyday. Thank heavens there is finally a technique that is so self empowering that people can use to eliminate these old belief systems. Thank you for bringing this up.
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Thank you! This is an issue that I've been dealing with all my adult life and have been working on resolving to no avail. I thought it was just me! I know where the fear came from, just haven't been able to get rid of it. This article is a revelation for me - I'm really not the only one? Wow. I have printed out the article (I hope you don't mind) to keep on my desk as a little bit of inspiration. You said you were going to expand on this and I am truly looking forward to reading what you have for us next.

Love and Light,

Grace Chatting

Thanks Robert. You are so spot on. I am a Psychotherapist and Life Coach and therefore routinely see how peoples' history gets in the way of their present unconsciously. Along with that is the formation of limiting beliefs which prevent people making progress in their life and relationships, and business. I found it unusual for this very important point to be raised regarding marketing, would be good if others took your lead :)

Carol L. Skolnick, Clear Life Solutions

Another thing we always are without fear is creative. A courageous mind is an open mind, and an open mind is that can find really effective, valuable, and generous ways to do marketing without the kind of trickery that some marketing gurus (not Robert) recommend but that none of us have ever respected. We don't have to be cigar-chomping used car salesmen doing the old bait-and-switch and bogus bonuses, because without the fear that marketing is sleazy, we can do it better, more creatively, and with integrity. Without fear that marketing won't work for me, I will be creative enough to find ways that it will work; I can only fail if I sit back and do nothing, out of fear.

Carol L. Skolnick

Mary Jane

While it's hard to imagine a professional musician reading this blog, I found it some time ago and keep coming back. This posting was the payoff.

Thanks so much for an "ah-ha" moment.

John Maver


It is very difficult to be a consultant if you are not a people person or worse still afraid of people. If this is true you clearly haven’t decided and sold yourself that what you have to offer is something that your defined target market wants and needs. Perhaps it isn’t and then you should find something else to do.

In marketing, the idea is to understand your customers or clients needs in depth and then find a way for your product to meet those needs. If you can’t communicate well enough to either determine the needs or then explain the benefits of your product perhaps you are in the wrong business.

Robert your thoughts on why this might be are interesting. Hopefully your readers will find something that resonates with them. In my company, The Maver Management Group, we differentiate ourselves by the relationships we form and that has to come from communication and a real interest in the other person. Our clients comment on that all the time.

One funny story. Many people are more afraid of speaking in public than they are of dieing. That means that they would rather be in the casket than reading the eulogy.

Thanks Robert.


Shama Hyder

One of your best posts yet Robert!

= )

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