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February 19, 2008


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John Maver


I preach the same message. Develop a written plan that will deliver your goal and set a timetable for it. As a successful consultant, I always recommend investing in a professional guide to help you develop the plan and put it into action. The investment pays great returns and helps not only train you but also establishes the habit for the future.

But write the plan!




Robert ~ your comments are so on target. I knew our firm could benefit significantly from a newsletter, but I kept resisting. The task would fall to me, and I wasn't a good enough writer. Every time I tried to write, the next day I would look it over, delete, and start over. I needed help. Now, after a few tries, I've found the right editor for me. He understands the brand, and the newsletters use my voice, not his, so that communication is consistent.
Best of all, now every time I issue a newsletter, I get to spend a few days basking in the compliments of our readers. Talk about turning a liability into an asset. It's wonderful. It's also driving referrals for our firm, generating fresh content for our site and marketing materials, enhancing our repuation for expertise and reinforcing the brand.
We've had a big payback because we realized what our fear was costing us and got help. And provided we continue to put out quality content, the return will continue to grow.

Lynne Fredericks

I have been reading your posts for some time and love the way you break everything down into segments to help someone understand the steps. I am an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner. Having said that, I have found EFT to be one of most self empowering tools I know of. It clears blocks to success, eliminating old belief systems and negative programming that have held you back and allows you to continue sabatoging your successes. If you would like to know more about this please email me so that you might experience it for yourself. I am sending this to you because it is so fast and is not a long drawn out therapy. You really do not have to suffer because of old limiting belief systems.


I appreciate this series and have been sharing the insights with my team. The steps are simple but powerful and I agree with Louise above - picking one or two and stepping out on those will help increase your confidence to keep going - but the key, as you state, is going through all the steps every time (particularly 2 and 3).

Thanks for a great post!

Louise Barnes-Johnston

This is interesting because not only will the fear stop people marketing their business, it has probably already stopped them from doing lots of other things in their lives too. The cycle has to be broken.

Something that has helped my clients to overcome their fears is when I ask them to pick just 1 or 2 marketing activities they are prepared to do, from a mixed list of passive and active (guess what, they usually pick the passive!). Once they have got quite good at these 1 or 2 activities (and it doesn't take long with coaching), it builds their confidence to tackle another and then another, and so on.

Of course it isn't always that straightforward, and I have condensed it somewhat, but at least doing some marketing well is better than doing none at all!

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