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January 14, 2008


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John Maver


A terrific article!!! Very well done.

You have summarized a major stumbling block that I find with some clients. They make the pitch in their materials, advertising or sales presentation and then there is the hanging question "That was interesting but so what? What do you want me to do now?"

As we at Maver Management Group work with clients, we introduce action requirements that turn the ideas that have been created into steps forward. Easy next steps, that are appealing and incredibly logical following the pitch. They are very much like the offer of the 6 cd set. Brilliant!

I am going to share this article as is with my network colleagues and may use it at a later date with full credit to you on my website if that is acceptable to you.


Thanks Robert

John Maver

Shama Hyder

I think people are often so scared of rejection that they would rather not make the offer.

However, it pays to remember that not everyone will (or has) to sign up. Even if a few people accept the offer, you are still making money.

Jason Leister

Hi Robert,

My best results come when I actually create the offer based on what my market tells me it wants.

Somehow, it changes the confidence of your presentation. You're not sitting there wondering "if they'll like it." You KNOW they'll like it because they told you that's what they wanted.

P.S. As for selling from the stage, your readers might want to go to YouTube or Google Video and search for a guy named Joel Bauer. Watch him and you'll realize just how much "art" is involved.

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