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January 01, 2008


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Taki Moore

My goal is to share some of the strategies we've developed with more business coaches.(like how we helped a coach struggling with a major cashflow challenge generate 55 leads, & 24 appointments in 3 hours for $2.54!)

Robert, here's to your success in 2008



I really wish you would stop by in Dallas-or near us. You have lots of fans here!

Rachel Saint

This blog is so appropriate for me right now as I am starting my goal setting process for my personal and professional life.

My goals are as follows:

Generate sufficient additional income to pay off debts

To secure a long-term, lucrative publishing deal

To retain my focus on my business and enjoy a working planning process.

To become more physically healthy and vital every day.

Many thanks


Ted Prodromou


I'm going to spend more time writing articles, ebooks and blogging about making money online using Web 2.0 techniques. I've been very successful using Web 2.0 to promote my websites and blogs so it's time for me to teach others. I'm going to do free teleclasses and webinars to show people how easy it is to generate traffic with Web 2.0. There's nothing better than getting tons of targeted traffic to your website!!

I can't wait to attend your live events this year. I really enjoyed your presentation at The Bay Area Consultants Network in San Rafael last year. and I can't wait to see you in 2008.

Thanks for helping us all succeed!


Fiona "Guildford" Humberstone

Hi Robert, Happy New Year!
My plans this year are to do more of the things I love: the blogging, article writing, workshops and seminars. I'm determined to get myself and my team working as efficiently as possible and to make 2008 an even more successful year than last year. I'm sure that we'll get there, and thank you for your inspiring and thought provoking tips that have helped me along the way.

Pamela Slim

Happy New Year Robert!

It is great to hear your plans. When you get your travel schedule firmed up, please let me know and I am happy to let my blog readers know about it.

Good luck with the book! This is the year I am writing mine too, so I am right with your "no excuses" thought.

An alternative way to look at it: now is the PERFECT time to do it. Earlier it wasn't. That is what I am telling myself anyway!

Selfishly I would love to see a few more blog posts from you too, but if you can't pack it all in, your list looks grand to me.

Thanks for being such a great inspiration to us all.


Alyson B. Stanfield

Robert, we'd love to see you in Denver! Email me if I can help coordinate. Otherwise, I might have to drive 8-9 hours east and catch you in KC.

Sherrie St. Cyr

Hi Robert,

I'm looking forward to your book and wish one of the stops on your personal tour was Dallas.

My primary goal this year is to write and market more consistently and learn to use teleseminars effectively.

I remember something from you in a newletter, I think, about a system for goal-setting - I think you called it ITOKA. I can't find it in any of my archives. Could you direct me to it?

Thanks for making marketing simple!

Sherrie St. Cyr


I have some big plans for 2008 and one of them is to write a training manual for my direct selling division of my company. Like you I'm experiencing stuckness, and I was glad to hear that I'm not the only one.

I decided I need some help and have taken that step and hopefully this will correct my nervousness and fear.

Without the manual I can't advertise for consultants which will then limit my sales and my growth.

Thank you for your newsletter I look forward to reading it for it's very good advice.


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