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January 21, 2008


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career resources

Hello!I got the most valuable information about or some, changing a career may not be feasible. For others, though, a career change may be more than a passing whimsy and be a necessity dictated by termination, life changes, personal relocation or other factors.

Career resources

Hello!I got the most reliable knowledge about success of every organization depends on the aptitude and attitude of its staff towards work and organizational goals.Thanks!

Carol L. Skolnick, Clear Life Solutions

Questioning the beliefs that hold me back has been key to all of the successes in my life, not just in my business. Increased clientele and cash flow is just one aspect of success, and by far not the most important one. There was a time when I was earning big bucks and felt like a failure. I would think thoughts like, "I'm not doing enough," "I should be further along than I am," "The future isn't secure," and "The work I do is dishonest." (I was a freelance copywriter for many years.)

In the end we have to wake up in the morning excited about what lies ahead, knowing we're in our integrity and progressing at exactly the right pace.

With The Work of Byron Katie, the transformative process of inquiry that I have facilitated for seven years, we don't worry about dissolving self-limiting beliefs; instead we identify and meet those beliefs with understanding. We enter the process, not to change anything (although change may indeed occur, swiftly), but to discover what's true for us. As it turns out, self-limiting beliefs are lies. Stressful thoughts "quit" us when the mind calls its own bluffs.

When we apply the simple process of inquiry to thoughts around marketing and business, breakthrough results occur naturally because a clear mind is always more creative, more efficient, and has no limits.

I invite you to discover The Work through some free materials at my website,

Carol L. Skolnick,
Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie.


Yet again, this is a powerful blog post relating marketing performance to mindset. I followed up by getting hold of the Accelerating Client Results audio program and have already implemented the methods with success. Many thanks!

I help motor sport athletes perform better by improving their mindset ( There are so many strong 'mindset' links between marketing and driving race cars though. Performance is determined by mindset, no matter what the domain.

Keep up the great work.

Andrew Gaines

Hi Robert -- I always appreciate your thoughtful e-mails.

Having been a psychotherapist for many years, I now find that the fastest way to dissolve limiting beliefs is through a method called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). It was discovered by accident that by simply tapping on a few acupressure points while the mind is in contact with a disturbing stimulus we can resolve the negative beliefs and emotions that block us. The tapping part is easy. The real skill is in getting to the underlying belief structures. For example, one of my clients discovered that he was procrastinating finishing his commercial Web site because he didn't want to outdo his father economically. You can download the EFT manual for free via
Andrew Gaines EFT-ADV

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