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December 03, 2007


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Chuck Solomon

Great article! another great resource on organizing and getting things don is by David Allen-- see

Grace E.  Mauzy

I am a person with more on my plate than most people I know. My professional life and personal life include being a parent coach- helping parents to instill high self-esteem in their children-being a parent of four with three kids still at home-two I home school, and all the rest of what I do you can imagine, but I won't bore you with the details. With this life style overwhelm can come easy. I am anxious to check out your interview with Elizabeth. I often find that things of this nature that are set up for business people work incredibly well with my clients and their parenting issues.

Guy Levine

Hi Robert,

This organisation is a killer. I have had a lot of success with the Getting Things Done system, but sometimes it just slips!

My nirvana - arriving at work and doing everything i need to do, for my business and for my clients and then leaving without the office looking like a bomb hit it!

I wrote about this same thing on my blog today.

Linda Spaanbroek

Dear Robert,
You are absolutely right. Being in control of all your outgoing en incoming 'stuff' is very essential in handling all aspects of your marketing. I found that 'Getting Things Done' by David Allen does for me what your 'Command Centre' does for you. And as a bonus it made my head more clear (since I have an command centre outside my head and I don't have to remind myself of al the little things I still need or want to do) which gave my creativity an enormous boost!

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