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October 13, 2007


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Jeff Paul Internet Millions

I find blogging one of the good ways of internet marketing. I have received a small number of visitors on my site especially from the sites where I commented their blogs.



What a great post. Thank you for your hard effort. It's a brilliant work.


Nice article Robert.

I've got a story of jumping right in and starting something. That something resulted in my blog, which is now growing strong for its 6th month in a row! My article is called,

'Just Start'


Stephen Martile
Personal Development Made Simple


Great advice and effectively put. Thank you!

As a sport psychologist in motor sport, I use a similar route to avoid such 'maladaptive perfectionism'. A mantra I use is 'failure is fine, but fail fast', ie use the feedback you get from others to keep improving what you do, just as Annette says above.


Hi Robert,
Several weeks/months ago, you posted about the value of blogging and said that you were going to blog more. But that didn't last long. Were there some lessons learned along the way that turned you off from blogging? Or did you simply get too busy? Do you still believe in the value of blogging? Because you seemed so excited about blogs being an important part of marketing, I'm sure I'm not the only one who is curious why things changed.

Keep up the great work!

Annette Reissfelder

Absolutely. I strongly believe the biggest case that can be made for starting NOW and gaining "market information" is that you no longer have to think up the whole thing by yourself - you can use potential clients' real questions, interests, etc. to shape your offer, your website, and find out WHAT EXACTLY makes you nervous, if you then do decide to work with a coach. In my experience, rocrastination only intensified my perceived "loneliness". I wish I had come accross your newsletter back in those days! Annette

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