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September 10, 2007


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Marcie Lovett

I often give gift certificates for free 2-hour consultations to fund-raising groups. In the three years that I have used these as a marketing tool, I haven't had one become a paying customer. I had a session scheduled for the day after I read your article and I decided that I would change my approach. Instead of "giving away the store," I heeded your advice and spent most of the time asking questions and listening. Normally, I would solve all the person's problems and then wonder why they didn't call me back for more of my sage advice! I am pleased to report that the client hired me to organize her office. Thanks for the change in perspective!

Carolyne Wahlen

I did this for a referral. The potential client only agreed to the session if it was free. I aimed to convert them, as I have done other clients, but this meeting took over an hour, and as you said, I solved all their problems in that hour. They even offered to pay me for the hour, but I felt I couldn't take their money cos I had said it would be free no-obligation! I have never done that again, and now I know how to structure it better, I won't worry about it so much.

William Wallace

Oh man, is this freakin' timely!! I JUST sent out a mass email to my Chamber of Commerce asking members to join me for a free cup of coffee and a 'branding evaluation'... And any time that I've done these 'cup of coffee' things, I've come up with nada... This advice will make all the difference... MUCH appreciated,

William JA (Sandy) Wallace

Clare Jenkins

I do exactly what you have advised NOT to do - and not surprisngly I have NEVER converted a freebie into a paying customer. On one occasion I had a telephone enquiry about coaching and did so much that the client asked how much she should pay me for the session - and I STILL said it was free. I never coached her again (BUT she did refer me her daughter as she wanted to give her a gift of coaching sessions - that was my ONLY paying customer that I have ever achieved!)

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