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September 24, 2007


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John Maver


I particularly liked this article since it embodies my personal philosophy not only of doing business but for life itself. I believe in the abundance mentality. Those that hoard their talents and gifts generally have a very small set of opportunities. Those of use who use our talents willingly open up many, many new doors. I have found that giving my business acceleration talents to churches, schools and small businesses has not only helped them but also led to further business with paying clients. Plus I always feel great about being able to help.

The giving away of information always, well almost always, leads to new information in return and that makes my business planning for my clients more effective.

Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

John Maver
The Maver Management Group

Peller Marion

Dear Robert,
Like you, I find that being generous to potential clients with my time and attention, whether over the telephone or in person, is the biggest gift I can give. It is so rare to find professionals that will listen with all their attention and give you the time. In my teaching and counseling I use that as my watchword.
Dr. Peller Marion
Peller Marion Associates

Erica Ross-Krieger


Thanks for the ideas and reminders and the trip down memory lane -- for the second time this year, I remembered a story about giving from long ago...

When I was in 6th grade (too many years ago now to bother counting) the teacher had us form small companies, create products, and sell stock to one another in class. Not such a novel idea now but back in the day (okay, 1969) the idea of kids taking entrepreneurial action was something new.

I formed a mini-company with a friend to sell things that we thought kids needed - erasers, pencils, notebooks, marbles, etc. But first, I convinced my teammate that we should create gift certificates for free stuff -- not a popular idea back then, but it just popped into my head...I always liked giving gifts and figured that giving free things was a grand idea.

Now, some gazillion years later, I find myself doing the same thing in my current businesses.

Last year, I wrote a book, had it published and did all I could to market, promote and sell it. Sales were good, but I somewhere along the way I lost my bigger focus. The book was meant to be an introduction to my wellness coaching services and other products, but I became more focused on selling the book than I did on the rest of the business. And then, 8 months ago, that 6th grade story came to mind.

So, I started giving the book away for free. I just wanted it out in the world. I gave it to friends, colleagues, clients, potential clients, and boxes of them to people with compatible businesses. An amazing thing happened. The response was terrific and I generated more opportunity to do good work than I ever would have had I not come from a place of generosity. Giving really is the name of the human game.

Thanks for your generous ideas.

To your wellth,
Erica Ross-Krieger
The Entrepreneur's Wellness Coach

Andrea Glass

Robert, I have used most of these at one time or another. I think the most valuable one beyond giving a free phone consultation is giving a sample of my work. For example, if someone needs a document edited, I will edit 2 pages using my tracking system. When the prospect sees it, they are clear about what I will do and how I will do it. We establish the rules up front and no one is surprised down the road. This kind of giving for me establishes a precedent of clear communication--the most important tool for a writer, or any entrepreneur for that matter. I also use Plaxo cards to give thank you notes, birthday cards, congratulations, etc.--the process takes under 5 minutes, there's minimum cost to me, and the recipients love them. Thanks for these great ideas, as always.

Andrea Glass
Ghostwriting & Editing

Melanie Benson Strick


I couldn't agree more. My entire business success has been built on the theory of give first. Two of the tools that help me do that is my ezine, The Success Connection, and my 5 Massive Mistakes Quiz (

Here is why I know it works now. I have people all over the world from Australia to Singapore to the U.S. that email me and tell me they have been reading my stuff for years and I've made a huge difference in their lives. (My stuff focuses on getting out of overwhelm and leveraging your time.)

Recently, I was called to step in as a speaker at two events because the speaker booker had been reading my ezine.

I regularly have people invest in my $8k - $20k coaching programs because of a tip or resource I shared that helped a reader.

I recently produced a new free webinar called The Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon
People I didn't know all over the world decided to invest $2000 to have me teach them how to build a successful virtual team.

I wanted to give people real examples of how this works in a BIG way. Not only that, but I've built some wonderful JV partners by being generous and giving first.

If you want to jump-start your results, look at somewhere that you can just start giving something that people need and want. Then teach them where to get more (aka an opportunity to buy from you.)

It's a win-win-win proposition. The client wins because they learn something they need, you win because they invest in your stuff, and the world around us wins because more people can make a difference faster.

Thanks for reminding us all about the giving principle. Too many people have forgotten in the mad rush to make money it's OK to give! =-)

To your success,

Melanie Benson Strick
The Entrepreneur's Success Coach &
Virtual Team Building Expert

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