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September 03, 2007


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It looks like you really had a nice time.


Hello and congratulations!



According to a press release from SoftBank Mobile, the Japanese service provider has secured an agreement with Apple to bring the iPhone to Japan this year. The deal will ensure the iPhone’s first official access in Japan’s market.

mateus black

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Oren T. Dvoskin, Israel

Dear Robert,

Thanks for the inspiration on your recent post.

My name is Oren, from Israel, recently
joined ActionPlan after a referral.

I've lived a life of "possibility".
I've got a profound hearing loss, and
it taught me to fight for things I believe in. Just living a "normal" life with a profound special needs takes a lot of the "possibility" approach.

Recently I've started applying this to promoting peace. I'm involved in a project called "conversation with others" which brings Palestinians and Israelis to conversations guided by a relationship coach. There have been Israelis interested, but it was harder reaching out to Palestinians. With considerable effort, I've been able to reach out to a few dominant peace activists and enroll them. They are the key to contacting and enrolling people from the Palestinian side.

I'll also be visiting Palestine for the first time in my life, meeting, talking to, and helping people. If these seeds could grow to only a shadow of John Wood's activities,
it could change many people's lives, and bring hope to a faster solution between our two countries.

Your connection to Nepal inspired me.
I visited there in late 1999, trekking. I was able to save the life of a Western traveler who got altitude sickness. And give first aid to a
local girl who was injured. Nepal is one of the most magnificent countries in the world.

I congratulate you for your investment in John's foundation. I contribute much of my time and resrouces to hearing impaired groups. It's a way to bring a change to humanity.

After a career in High-Tech, I've started coaching, studying with CTI. My prime focus is career changes, entrepreneurship, and hearing impairment.

I live in a very rural area of Israel, hich dearly needs such services, yet as unique challenges in reaching out to people. Globally I wish to esablish myself in the field of
hearing coaching (both privately, and for businesses).
Which of your material would you suggest that I invest in?

Yours truly,
Oren, Israel.

Oren Tal Dvoskin-Avidov
Cielago - Life and Business Coaching
Cellular: +972-54-3069591
Home: +972-4-6948239
Fax: +972-4-8141162
email: [email protected]

David Ryan

Regarding "The Value Formula"
I sell media replication and multimedia services. I concur with Robert's point that to be successful, ALL 8 points must be utilized. I would say that's true even if circumstances have landed you the sale before your using all of the points.

Here's an example: Many prospects contact me when they are under pressure. Often they need something like 2,500 CDs copied and packaged for next week's conference. The initial call is often quick, with no time for me to present all the 8 points. I usually get the order because the prospect feels they have no choice. Nonetheless, I use the subsequent communications over the next few days to touch on all the points -- to convince this new client that he or she made the right choice in giving me the order. I find this successfully transforms the relationship from my being perceived as a "one-time vendor" to "THE Go-To Provider" for all of their future media needs.

Jan Marie Dore

Hi Robert,
I love the way you lay this out so clearly and simply. I'm just writing a sales page at my website and I'm going to follow your formula.

Thank you.


Hi Robert!

You mentioned the word "story" at least three times in your recent blog entry. How about sharing your story as well? It will serve as a vivid example to illustrate "The Value Formula".

How exactly did the marketer quickly and dramatically alter your perception about that "something"? What effective marketing techniques did he/she use?

I'm sure your readers (me included) would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

kerry dexter

I'm a writer and photographer. Reading over the value steps, I was struck by how they are all elements of a good query letter or letter of introduction in my field. Good to know I'm on the right track and a useful tool for analysis and improvement, thanks.

Rupesh Bhat

I guess The Value Formula is one of the widely accepted way of service marketing. This is one of the proven methods which makes clients think of the value of the service they get or will get and not the value they pay for that service. If a service is not customer centric then it is not a service. It becomes a product which caters to group or masses and will be valued less than the service.

For an e.g. their are LCC (low cost carriers) airlines and PCC (premium cost carriers)airlines the only difference is the valued service.

I would thank Robert for putting the formula in simpler words to grasp. Full credit for converting it into parts.

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