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August 27, 2007


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New Balance Shoes

Thanks so much for posting these, they are fantastic! So bummed I missed what looks like a truly unique evening.

Erica Ross-Krieger

By far one of the greatest things I did to create my own "Sedona Effect" last year was to write a book -- for me falls into the Communicate Your Expertise Factor. I had no idea how many doors that marketing effort would open. And the funny thing is, I wrote it because I loved doing so, not because I knew for sure it would attract more clients.

The other thing I have going, which I used to see as odd but now embrace as a Quirky Uniqueness and have really emphasized this year, is a very diverse and rich professional background (I've been everything from a nutritionist, coach, art therapist, textile designer, outplacement counselor and chi gong teacher). I've found a way to weave this all together and I now play up the fact that I do bring all this to the table. Somehow, it just works.

Shel Horowitz

Here's some of what I do:

1. Appear over and over again to my core audience as friendly, helpful, skilled, approachable, and affordable--by posting regularly to selected Internet discussion groups.

2. Actively court testimonials, and when I get them from people on these lists, I ask them to post there.

3. Write books that demonstrate my competence while presenting a huge amount of information in manageable chunks and accessible language. Three of my books--Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First, Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World, Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers--have won awards.

4. Differentiate myself from other copywriters through my open and clearly stated commitment to ethics, my very affordable price structure that lets people get started for an extremely low cost, and my willingness to answer my own phone.

5. Develop extremely useful and comprehensive websites, and let Google bring traffic to them.

6. Develop ongoing relationships with ezine editors, bloggers, authors, etc.

There's lots more but I'll stop there.

Shel Horowitz,

Carna Zacharias-Miller

I am an EFT practitioner (EFT="Emotional Freedom Techniques", a form of emotional acupressure). We can do EFT with clients on everything from phobias to career goals to traumatic memories, just the way a doctor treats patients (means, no personal experience of the problem needed). However, this is where my "Sedona Effect" comes in: I would call it "been there, done that".I work with women who grew up with a physically or emotionally absent mother - and that is exactly the situation I personally experienced. Since very painful, intense emotions tend to come up, it is invaluable that I KNOW how that feels. That way I can tune into my clients' emotions and needs on a deep level and make them feel safe.

Ann Kristen Krier

As a company of one, my Sedona Effect is highly personalized service. Like Robert, I have only "yeses" in response to client needs - they may be modified "yeses" - but still yeses.

If their budget is too small, I find a way to reduce the project without hurting the final results.

If their ideas are not marketable, I find a way to add value to them to make them marketable - this is where I excell.

I am a "SUPERWOMEN" when it comes to being a customer of the creative industry. I have bought one of everything that my clients are selling - to see how it works. This makes it easier for me to demonstrate what effect their new products or new books will have - I am their customer.

You can only be what you experience...

When both parties, myself and client, work towards that - our achievements are greater. It is almost a customer service plague - if you can't relate to the customer (yours or theirs) you can't market their ideas.

Be the customer....

Rupesh Bhat

A hobby to possess but that's what is different between a marketing profession and other professions. We always have an eye for new and more information on marketing which helps us in innovating further. As far as the company's business I work for as a Business Development, the uniqueness we carry is that we customize our product as per the clients. We have kept room within our product for no. of customization. The product idea is already sold during the cold calling. This is the greatness of niche marketing. For us "product customization" is the "Sedona Effect".

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