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June 18, 2007


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Carole DeJarnatt

I can appreciate the article you wrote. After being a year in starting my own consulting business I am still trying to make the cut. Whether you know it or not you have been very helpful in my marketing efforts and I have your book and read it religiously.

I look forward to the day when I consistently "make the cut"!


Mark Vane

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Terry Lavelle

This comment is not about how I persisted, but how you have.
I've been following the progress of your subscription numbers. I noticed some time ago that you gain a few hundred and lose a few hundred each week. The weekly progress is up and down but the trend is upward.
I was very impressed with your New Year's resolution though - to grow your list to 100,000. I'm very intrigued to see how that goes. I won't be disappointed if you don't do it, but I'll be very impressed if you do. I think it's great that you're prepared to put such a bold goal out there. No matter if you miss it, I'm sure you'll do better for having it than you would without it.
Congratulations on passing the 50,000 subscribers barrier. I know you've made some changes lately so I'm watching the numbers with interest.
I've been a subscriber for about a year now and I have no intention of unsubscribing. You are one of a select few marketers who consistently give value through your newsletter. Everything I've seen of yours signals authenticity. Thank you for your insights.
I wish you well with what you're doing.

Lisa Claudia Briggs

Hi there-
Today's newsletter came as what felt like "a little message from the Universe"- I received an email cancellation from a weekly client in
my private practice, and it stirred up a bit of panic around business slowing down in the summer, whether I should focus on a different segment of my target market (women and teens who want freedom from overeating from a holistic, conscious perspective) and other
fears and doubts.

I do believe that some of this still needs to be reworked, but sometimes we all need a little reminder that all good things take time and to keep the faith as we do the work we know we are meant to do- to shine our own bright lights into the world, staying clear and focused on what we want, in spite of external events that trigger us.

Thanks, Robert. I have cancelled just about all of the other marketing newsletters that I was receiving this year- I got tired of the hype and the repetitive information and endless offers and promotional teleclasses. You are a calm, compassionate voice that offers wonderful value, that even a human service marketing-resistant girl like me can love.

Wishing you great peace and every blessing,

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