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June 04, 2007


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Carole DeJarnatt

Thanks Robert for the five stage plan. I am now at stage one and look forward to getting to stage five in the future.

Today, I plan on contacting my accountant and letting him take care of my tax forms. (What was I thinking that I could do it myself)! I believe I'm on my way!



Thanks for sharing that info Robert,
I'm at stage one, but I can see so clearly that I must get to Stage 5. I'm encouraged by your words, thanks so much.


Pamela Slim

Congratulations on getting to Stage 5 Robert!

I have been a fan for years, and remember very clearly the first time I saw you give a presentation live in the Bay Area. When you said that you had 5,000 people on your mailing list, I was flabbergasted! It seemed like so much at that time (about 7 years ago), before the real rise of blogging and big mailing list campaigns. Now I see that you are over 50k with no signs of slowing down.

Thanks for always setting a great example of applying your own methodologies to your own business, with great results!

All the best,


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