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May 21, 2007


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Base Articles

Hi Grace, you should have a look at
it is very simple to use and you can get great results...


Thx! :)

Tim Reid

I once read that the things that you procrastinate on are those things that if completed will have the most positive impact on your life. I am currently putting off updating my website, producing a podcast and starting a blog. Within the month all these items will be underway. I hope!!

Janice King

I've always done promotions in big chunks, for example, a quarterly mailing to all of the prospects on my list. But now, I'm reorganizing my efforts and materials so I can mail just a few each day, and maintain a steady level of promotional activity. I expect this will make the effort much more manageable for me and more effective for generating regular inquiries from prospects.

Janice King
Copywriter and Author
Copywriting That Sells High Tech

Rich Brooks

I've had good success with iSnare, at There's also the Phantom Writers and Ezine Articles.

I've heard from some "article marketing experts" that you shouldn't use articles from your own Web site, since that reduces the exclusivity factor, and search engines are always looking for unique content.

However, like Robert, I used articles that had already appeared at my site and didn't experience any problems.



This is just te same place I am in.

Article submission is the one thing that I really want to get in motion. I have been writing a blog for a few months and have about 60 articles there. My road block now is to find the best places to submit articles. Any suggestsions?

The other marketing idea I want to pursue is to get my teleseminars posted on some teleseminar search engines.


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