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April 30, 2007


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Hey Robert!!! Thx for the article, that was an inspiring article. Probably this article will help me to move things that were starting to be stagnant for me. As I deal in premium priced software product market, this is the prime constraint for me. Probably I will start working with more better aspects of selling


Robert, I don't agree with you on this one. You ask "what's the worse thing that could happen?" I'll tell you what it is: You won't get paid for your work.

Scott Birkhead


Great article! I've passed it along to several friends.

I've learned from Dan Kennedy and other direct marketers that (assuming you believe in your service and it actually produces results) one great way to identify and eliminate price resistance is to offer a guarantee - "Let me come in and do my thing. If you don't get the results I say you'll get, you don't have to pay me."

Often it's not a real inability to pay, just a fear that the value won't be proportional to the cost.

I've also found that this technique helps me quickly eliminate the cost "lie" and get to the real issue if cost isn't it.

Scott Birkhead
Owner, Sensible Hire, LLC

Jane Thurnell-Read

Handling excuses is a real skill and thanks for what you say,Robert. Yet another great article.

I used to teach alternative/complementary therapists, and practitioners would often say that clients wouldn't do what they said (take supplements, exercise, say affirmations, etc.) They would come back and say 'I forgot' or 'I didn't have time'.

My strategy for this is to say to them: "If I gave you 500 pounds/dollars/euros would you remember/find the time?" Most clientsd would say 'yes'. Then I would say: "OK, so it's not about time or about your memory; it's about priority. Giving you money to do something increases it's priority."

This got a lot of clients doing what they should.

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