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March 05, 2007


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Carol L. Skolnick

I tend to get shy when I call what I am doing "marketing;" however, I have effectively marketed myself in some interesting places, including a hotel hot tub and in line at the supermarket. It is natural, in conversation, to share information about what we do. It's just one more step to hand out my business card, a booklet, or my website and blog URLs. When I'm simply relating to people, I'm not the least bit shy about discussing my work, because my work excites me and is a large part of who I am. That's attractive both to prospective clients and to those who can introduce me to prospective clients.

Tracey Matthies

Wow, what a great story!
My husband and I were enjoying a DJ at a club recently and thought we might hire him for my husband's upcoming 50th. The DJ saw me making a note of his contact details from the banner he hung across the front of the stage, so he came across to speak with us.
We chatted about my husband's party and the DJ asked for my mobile phone number. Now I receive a text message whenever the DJ has a gig in my area which is great, because he knows that we like the type of music he plays.
And he will get the job for my husband's birthday!


I attended an "information gathering" event with a friend. To my horror, each person had to give a 30 sec 'elevator pitch' about themselves and their business. Since I hated doing that sort of thing, I had no pitch ready. My friend told me to use my name, company name, and the slogan from my business card. It was hard at all!! Everyone congratulated me on being so 'polished'! Now I've taken it one step farther. What started as "Hi, I'm Regina Sampson of Kingdom Travel. I build memories, one vacation at a time" now concludes with "seek ye first the Kingdom...Kingdom Travel", since I market primarily to religious groups!

Brian Kolstad

Great article. I teach graphic design at Lewis-Clark State College. We're almost at mid-term and yesterday I gave them a test and asked them to write down what grade they expected halfway through the semester.

Surprisingly, quite a few "A" students wrote down that they expected "B" or "C" grades.

Needless to say, we'll be spending a few class sessions on self-promotion.

Thanks for the article!

Sr. Patricia

I love this - because it is just what I need to take on my next Push for publicity in marketing my book. I've been reading, reading, reading everywhere that if you want to get your book out there then you need to get on the radio. Sounds good - except that it's scary and I'm a nun after all and how many nuns do you hear on the radio? Of course I don't listen much to the radio so I can answer that easily -but I don't think outside of catholic radio you hear many. So after a talk with Robert he suggested - hey you need to get on the radio and he made a few suggestions how to do that. I'm thinking. GULP! And at the same time I'm thinking wouldn't it be cool if it worked? So I sent away for RTIB (Radio Television) and started taking my first steps. I got the information and they "hinted" that maybe you should get a little media training at the same time... they named a person - but I decided to GOOGLE it as well. I found this really great place.... where this morning jock has branched out into marketing himself (I think he should go with Robert) anyway he helps people with a 30 day course to get on the radio. Okay, now this is starting like an ad but the thing is - that the course leads me in 30 days to market myself exclusively for its like first I took one baby step (talked to Robert about it. took another baby step .. in sending off for the information he reccommended, I took another baby step and ow I'm taking a medium step in taking the course and THEN I will take ONE GIANT STEP and actually start pushing myself into radio markets. I haven't gotten the end results yet.. but I feel like I'm on my way.

Sometimes - if the prospect of something seems too big.. start with dem der baby steps...


Very timely article. I read this as I realized how long I've been putting off starting a direct mail campaign to promote my business.

Whenever I did direct mail in the past consistently in brought in business.

A success of the past is that I had "beginner's luck" with the first batch of direct mail letters I sent out several years ago. I resulted in 2 new clients that ultimately were worth $27,000!

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