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February 26, 2007


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I work with entrepreneurs who are struggling with the growth of their business. They know there just isn’t enough time for one person to do all the things necessary to run a growing business so they leave tasks undone and their business stagnates.

I help them state their goals and focus on their desired outcomes. Then, by doing the tasks for them that do not directly bringing in money, they can focus on the money making tasks of their businesses.

Most recently I worked with a woman that is an author and real estate coach. She wanted to make her living by writing. Because she was too shy to promote herself, I made calls to publications that would be interested in her articles. She now has a monthly column in a local real estate publication. I also convinced her to do a teleseminar that resulted in her coaching/mentoring portion of her business filling up so she is able to afford to continue to write.


Thanks for inspiring me to create my marketing message! Here's what I came up with:

I work with Adults who are struggling with AD/HD in their personal and professional lives.

I help them work with their own unique strengths to develop time management and organizing strategies that will make them more productive and successful.

I helped a young woman who had lost her job and her confidence, focus on her abilities rather than her dis-abilities to find a job. Once we focused on her strengths, the kind of career she wanted and the best work environment for her needs, she found a job that she was much better suited for. She has been happily employed for 3 years now and has increased her workplace productivity due to our work together.


It reminds me of the famous elevator speech and should not be confused with an all encompassing marketing program. What I found interesting is how the principles of the marketing message integrate with sales strategies. A good sales technician’s job is to listen to a prospect, ask questions and unveil a problem you can satisfy.

With marketing it is a bit different. You generally have discovered who your market is and shoot your message right to the middle. Its almost certain your message will not hit home for every person and your industry/market will determine how much segmentation is required. Many perfectionists attempt to create a message that is all things for all people. So my advice is once you’ve perfected your primary message, you can begin developing variations for the different segments in your market.

As a side note to Jennie – You may try interchanging the words pain / needs. Art is most definitely satisfying several needs. Each person is unique, but you probably market to group of people that fit a certain profile. For them you may be satisfying any one of the following needs: status, symbol of wealth, greed, pride, or self expression to name a few.



a great post, very interesting. The thing that I am struggling with is that my area of work is considered a 'luxury,' something that isn't necessarily a must have, or something that can help a problem per se.

I realize art doesn't tend to fit standard marketing procedure but I think it can help, it's what people respond to.

It's obvious to say that the problem is a blank bit of wall or a couch that needs matching but that isn't the image I want for my work, nor is it appropriate.

The closest I get is that my art can speak to people psychologically, it may help in healing scars or speak to them and help them feel positive and uplifted.

I think the hardest part is to find the problem to solve, because it is so subjective with a wide market it is tricky..

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