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January 15, 2007


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Tracey "Word Doctor" Dooley

Oh Lordie, have I had my fair share of 'negative mailings'!

Actually, the very first mailing I did to a small – around 350 – mailing (to announce the launch of MediaMinister) resulted in a 4.8% response, and one client. Not bad. Especially when you consider that I fancied myself a dab hand at designing, and produced the postcards on my desktop computer! :-)

There wasn't even an offer on the card! So not bad for a first attempt.

Mailing to advertising agencies (one of my core audiences) went belly up, though.

I'd sent a really comprehensive, personalised and thoroughly good e-letter to Creative Directors of many of the top UKs advertising agencies. I had quite a number of responses.

But instead of just concentrating on following up with those interested parties, I went the whole hog - mailing follow-up postcards to everyone I had emailed. Doh!

Of course, the directors just ignored my postcard - save two, who became clients.

So I learned that there is a need for an offer of some kind, that the mailing - as Robert said - is not the time to close any sale, that there is a certain order of doing things, and that you really have to choose your list well!

Happy mailing!


Dawud Miracle

Looking back over how I used to market my now retired business, it's clear that I wasn't making an offer that was hard to say no. Usually I would offer a package of sessions for a discount over purchasing them individually. Or I would run a "refer-a-friend, get something" sort of thing. I always had my hopes up that 'this mailing would be the one I got it right.' Never happened.

Thank God, I had a thriving healing practice at the time - with lots of referrals. So didn't need the mailings to be so effective. Can't imagine if I did.

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