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December 25, 2006


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Chris Vasiliadis

Thanks Robert, as always, for being on point with the right questions at the right time.

My 2007 intentions are currently a work in progress. Here's what I have so far:

(1) I intend to become an Action Plan Marketing Coach

(2) I intend to write a book and speak about succeeding as an entrepreneur diagnosed with a chronic illness (multiple sclerosis)

(3) I intend to generate $10,000 or more per month through serving my perfect clients with my unique gifts

The limitations I'm going to transcend?
(1) Letting go of past mistakes or failures and treating them as lessons-learned. Accepting that everything has unfolded perfectly to bring me to where I am.

(2) Worrying whether what I have to offer is valuable. It is.

(3) Forgetting that I'm not alone, and thinking that I always have to have all the answers. Remembering and allowing my constant connection to Source and Universal Energy in attracting success and abundance, and overcoming any perceived obstacles.

(4) Losing the thinking that immense success requires extreme struggle. My theme for 2007: Living the Faith of Least Resistance (quote from Wayne Dyer).

I look forward to working with you, Robert, and all the other Action Plan Marketing coach participants in 2007!

Andy Strote

I'm sitting on a beach in Jamaica. I'm working on intentions and limitations. I've got the Action Plan Toolkit and a notebook with me. And a Red Stripe beer. By the end of this week, I'll have this done.




Ah yes, intentions and possibilities and let's not forget those self-imposed limitations. After reading your article and checking out the clock Double B mentioned in a previously-made comment, right now is the perfect time to consider and get very clear on what I want to happen in this next year.

My intentions for 2007:

1) Write my book
2) Create an e-book & offer it on my site
3) Post on my blog 3-5x per week
4) Grow my ezine list to 25,000
5) Create a line of inspirational products
6) Speak at 50 different events

And what negative nonsense am I ready to let go of?

I'm letting go of the belief that I can't inspire millions of people. I'm letting go of the belief that I can't do what I love and not make a helluva good living doing it. I'm letting go of the belief that what I have to offer people won't want.

I feel pretty damn good already just writing them down. Like Robert suggested, "Make the last week of the year count." Take a good look within and then WRITE THOSE INTENTIONS DOWN.

lee stemm

hello Robert,

Reading your article on intentions and limiting decisions allowed me to just stop and take stock of what I am going to acheive next year. Here is my list"

1) Get 10 organsiations onto my leadership mastery series
2) By the end of 2007 have 100 people sign into my pathways2mastery e-learning course combined with phone coaching
3) purchased a unit that overlooks the water
4) become one of your marketing coaches ( that sounds really inspiring)
5) go on a holiday to New Zealand for 3 weekes

Limiting Decisions - perhaps I could just forget about these right now....... !

Again, thank you Robert and take care

Steve Worthy

Robert, thanks for the blog. It really caused me to take stock of my current state and realize that I do have the ability to change it. My 2007 Personal intentions:
(1)Open first retail store - plan second store
(2)Grow e-list to 25,000
(3)Create "Reconcile" Ministry
(4)Launch Clothing Line.

I know this is a marketing site, but I have some non-marketing intentions, I needed to write.

My Professional intentions:
(1) Generate 30-40 Sales ready Leads per month from marketing activities.
(2)Complete Marketing Funnel/Sales Pipeline Integration book
(3)Grow Monthly Revenues to $140,000 from marketing activities


cool clock; shows visually where you are on the timeline and a good reminder that time is passing.

Lillian Cauldwell

My personal intentions in 2007 are: Obtain Sponsors and Advertisers for Internet Voices Talk Radio; Sign up additional Talk Show Hosts; Present additional controversial, educational, stretching, and entertaining programs to a worldwide listening audience; and Obtain clients for the many audio and video services offered by my station.

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