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December 11, 2006


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John Paul Engel

My most enjoyable and powerful marketing method is what I call "The Power of Free".

Simply do something that is useful for a large group of people and provide it to them for free. The more people you help the more people will contact you for your services or assistance.

When you start from a position of wanting to help people, rather than wanting to sell them something they may or may not need, everything becomes easier. Define whatever your work involves in the manner in which it makes people's lives better or the world we live in a little brighter.

I have always liked Roberts newsletters because I think he understands the "Power of Free". He provides lots of useful information to his readers and I think that is why he has so many. He just needs to keep doing what he is doing and he will never go hungry. Thank you for all your help Robert!

Kind regards,


Marti Tucker

Marketing Principle: I worked like a hermit for ten years on my book, and when I published it, I realized this novel was dead in the water. There were 172,000 books competing out there, and some of their authors had money to run ads and hire publicists. I had none. But I loved the idea of self publishing and editing, and promoting. But how do you survive out there without at least a little money to promote?

I kept giving those little writing classes. Finally my writers asked me to start an ongoing writing class. Well, that was going to take me from writing my next book. But the idea kept swimming around in my head. I thought of using my novel as the primary examble of what I would teach.

When my students realized this was a hand-on- technique I was using, the word started spreading. Each person purchased my book and paid for my class. Now, I have bookstores and bookclubs and colleges and nonprofits calling me to talk about my novel. It's a political, innercity mystery sprinkled with social commentary. As a platform, I taught all aspects of writing based on the theme--the ghetto is just a mindset, so let's shape it without decay.
Now my books sell every week and I get calls to speak. When I speak I sell books. I'm excited to be writing and talking about 100 things that makeup an innercity into a ghetto, and the 100 things that can turn any innercity into a Camelot.
Using my novel to explain technique and interpret theme sells 90% better than a great mystery that took ten years to write.

I am passionate about writing fiction, and I am passionate about telling all the unique stuff I learned while writing my novel, short cuts and attention-grabbing chapter openings, thrusting the reader into chapter- -after-chapter, creating intimacy, etc. My novel is also my workshop textbook.

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