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November 06, 2006


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Charles Dominick, SPSM

Very thought-provoking eZine, Robert! Keep up the good work!

Lisa Evans

Hi Robert,

I've been a big fan and admirer of yours for several years. I've purchased a few of your products and attended one of your workshops in Portland, Oregon five years ago. You are a brilliant marketer and you consistently give readers of your newsletter excellent information. Today's ezine spoke to me in a big way because 'giving people an experience' as opposed to a sales pitch has always been the way I want to connect with prospective clients.

I spent way too many years in corporate environments with 'proven' sales tactics being shoved into my face by profit-hungry bosses and quickly realized they were all full of hot air. Asking open-ended questions, talking about benefits, sneaking in trial closes and offering 'a better deal' may make some sales professionals successful, but for many of us who are coaches, consultants and speakers and offer intangible services those ways of being just don't work. They don't work for us and they certainly don't work for the people we want to do business with.

The connections we make with people, regardless if they become a client or not, need to be real and authentic experiences every time. It's not only the way I feel we should do business with others. It's the only way to communicate with another human being. Making the commitment to making all your interactions with others the kind of experiences that leave both people feeling more connected to each other can be challenging, but it's so worth it.

I had an experience recently while in London that has made a huge difference not only in my marketing activities, but in my life and in others. I encourage you and your readers to watch more than just this week's film. The archives and every one of the films Nic Askew has made are superb.

Thank you, Robert for extending the invitation to your readers to share their experience. Marketing has never been more rewarding or fun.

Playfully yours,

Lisa Evans

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