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November 13, 2006


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Lisa Hamaker

Hi Robert - thanks for a great newsletter. I find a good practice is to set a time to make calls - often, at least once a week. For me the morning works best because I am fresh, and then when I get a positive reply it sets a good mood for the day. That way I am tenacious about getting to a good place, where later in the day it is easy to blow it off. Also, I REALLY agree with you about preparation - 2 minutes can make the difference between looking like a pro and seeming like a goof. And I feel better too.

Regards, Lisa

Lyle Lachmuth - The Unsticking Coach

Once I 'feel' we are connected I try to move them to an appointment this way.

"Seems to me it makes sense for us to get together. Does that make sense to you?" No one has ever said, No.

Then I say something like this, "I'd be pleased to come to your offices. I can come next Thursday at x o'clock or Friday, at y o'clock. Which of those works for you?"

Bada bing! We usually have an appointment.


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