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October 30, 2006


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Michael Kaselnak

Hi Robert, I could not agree more. Consistency breeds credibility. If your teenage son wants to go to a concert with his friends. You use the fact that he never makes his bed as an example of why you do not think he is responsible enough to go to the concert.

Now of course he's going to make his bed tomorrow. Do you now consider him responsible? No, it will take a continued and consistent effort on your son's part before you believe he is responisble.

It is the same way with the way we communicate to our clients. If we are consistent in our message and regular in its delivery, we will see the results in the trust that they hand over to us.

Mike Kaselnak

Susan Kruger

Hi Robert,

As a subscriber and student of yours for nearly six years, I have internalized your message about the importance of writing. I have only been in "e-business" a few months, but have been faithfully writing my ezines. Recently, two different people approached me about joint ventures, so I packaged together a few ezine articles for a "free bonus" that will be valuable to their clients, yet serve as a friendly introduction to me and my services. Best of all, these did not require any additional work for me.

At the request of a magazine publisher, I am writing monthly articles for elementary students (younger than my original target market of middle school students.) In 12-18 mos, I can compile those articles to create a new product for parents/students in an earlier phase of school, which can also develop faithful clients as the students grow a little older.

Writing seems to have an exponential power because these connections first became "familiar" with me through my articles. These steps are baby steps, but they are momentum!
Thank you,

-Susan Kruger

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