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August 14, 2006


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Bob Carpenter

Hi, Robert, I appreciate your work and helpful information.

Some things I think people need to realize are: 1. Ruffled feathers are good. They lead to improvement/solutions. No one smooths unruffled feathers. When I stump my toe, I know I need to change directions. It's painful, but helpful.

2. There's nothing wrong with selling any reputable product or service in a reputable & professional manner. I would suggest that anyone who thinks selling is bad stop buying. Stay out of the grocery store for openers. They wouldn't want to be offended or get their feathers ruffled by the crass, self-serving, often unprofessional marketing and merchandising that goes on in those institutions.

3. Not everyone is a potential client for any of us. What's the big deal? Personally, I don't eat at seafood places because seafood doesn't agree with me. I am a poor prospect for them. So what?

I think that anyone who signs up for a newsletter/ezine and then unsubscribes because a sales pitch is included either is not a reasonable prospect or doesn't have a good grip on reality. The reality is business owners need to eat too. Like everyone else, if they don't sell, they don't eat. If they don't ask for the order, they don't sell. Not exactly rocket science! (Getting your belly button wrapped around your backbone is a sure way to get you busy selling!) That's the voice of experience speaking.

4. Any of us who have ever dealt with any of the negative feelings you addressed might do well to consider our own track record of subscribing and unsubscribing, and why we did. I have unsubscribed to some that soon revealed themselves to be frauds. Does that make me bad? I hope not. I have unsubscribed from some because I didn't relate to the personality/perceived attitude of the pitch. Was the seller bad? No! Was I bad? No! I have unsubscibed to some because I couldn't afford the product or lost interest. See? Just because we are not the right prospect and unsubscribe from an ezine doesn't reduce the value or worthiness of the product or service we are selling.

The ones I stay subscibed to, Robert, are like yours. Ones that revolve around a reputable product, come across with a respectful attitude and actually give me some valuable information that I can use, before I pay for something. The free, interesting information, whether related or unrelated and regardless of timing keeps me subscribed. It keeps the seller's business on my mind. If there is a timing problem, the regular contact maintains contact and product recognition in my mind. It BECOMES the first place I'll look when it's time to buy in that particular category of products/services.

Hopefully, this helps some to see that just because your product or service is YOUR product or service, neither it nor you are inferior to ANY other product, service, or business person and, if after objective, evaluation, you determine YOUR product/service to be an honest and worthy competitor, go forth with gusto and confidence. Don't take the unsubscribes personally.

Best regards to all,
Bob Carpenter



The nerve of you! Actually trying to sell something.

I noticed the unsubscribes with my own ezines as well.

But what I've also noticed is that the clients I have and the people I know who are financially successful actually *expect* you to make a pitch, and are distrustful of people who just give away fr-ee information without asking for something in return.

You are in business to make a profit.
You provide a ton of valuable information.

If they wish to unsubscribe, so be it.
It is definitely their loss.


Hi Robert,

Although I can't afford to purchase your products right now, I signed up for your e-mails. I like to hear what you are up to and am not offended in the least by your sales promotions. One day I'll be able to partake in them.

I was offended when I signed up for another expert's "free teleseminar." There was no 1-800 dial-in number provided. The seminar got started about twenty minutes late. Then, to my surprise, about a quarter of the time was spent on advertising a weekend seminar. Talk about paying to listen to an advertisement -- my long distance charges were approximately $43.00!! Now that did tick me off.

Back to the subject at hand, I believe there is a whole seminar ready for the making on the reactions of family, friends and acquaintances to an entrepreneur's business and sales activities. Swimming up-stream against these reactions can be very tough if one is not prepared for them.

Alyson B. Stanfield

Wow! You're my hero, Robert. I have modeled my in-between-newsletters sales pitches after you. Yep, I get a few unsubscribes, but you taught me well. I get so much more business with that unexpected email.

Let me say that I also appreciate your sales pitches. Sometimes I miss something in your newsletter and am glad when I get the chance to take advantage of it later.

Thank you!

Jim Clarkson

Hi Robert,

I just want to say how much I appreciate you and all of the valuable information you give away and sell. I routinely refer people to your site who are just starting a coaching practice or similar type of business and seeking to learn how to market. Your generosity of spirit and helpfulness is a model for all of us to emulate. I have been especially pleased with the couple of manuals I have purchased from you and plan to more business with you in the future. You da marketing man!



Some people just don't want to be offered anything. A few months ago, on a nameless business forum, I offered the consulting and coaching wannabes an opportunity to earn extra income by selling my startup manual as a affiliates. Judging by the response of about half a dozen members, I might as well have posted a confession about toturing puppies.

One confused poster even stated there was no way he would ever "give money" to me. I couldn't be bothered to explain to him that an affiliate program puts money into his pocket.

No matter what you set out to accomplish in life, there will always be a small group of Negative Nellies who take cheap pot shots at you. Ignore these people and focus on the ones who recognize and appreciate the value you have created.

Wendy Maynard

HI Robert,

Thanks so much for your article today. I am learning that Unsubscribes are a good thing. But it's good for me to know that they still happen to someone who has been in the Internet marketing game for a long time.

So, thanks again,

Wendy Maynard

Tim Johnson

I have the following posted on my site in my "about Tim" section.

Please understand that Tim runs a business and that free advice is rarely a bargain for the recipient, nor a fair return on investment and experience for the giver.



I completely agree with Pamela...I have really only read a few of your posts so far (I am a transplant from her blog)...but business is business...we are not in this to give stuff away. Um...okay...I KIND OF am since I am a non-profit...but I still have to sell the idea...and get funding to keep the lights on and the computers running. Those who can't take the heat should definitely step out of the kitchen (which is what sounds like happened).

I hate selling...I did it for 6 years before my son was born and I have to admit...there is nothing I hate more than that cold call or the request for money. On that note though...I have a service that is important...not only do I think you will WANT it...but you NEED it (if you happen to be in the market I am servicing). I am passionate about my services...and in makes selling that much more enjoyable...because, like you said, I know I am offering something valuable to my clients and potential clients. Sell away...PLEASE...your services/products are truly valuable to those of us who are ready to truly make a difference in our businesses, careers, our lives. So thank you for offering...and at such wonderful sale prices at that! ;-D

And to those who dropped their subscriptions to your valuable information...I pitty them...really...because they will miss all the great lessons you will teach us!

Trudy Van Buskirk

Hi Robert
Thanks for taking the time to write an ezine every week. As a marketing coach who learned to market and sell after I became known as an organized person, I now love them both. And I love your site and your emails.
Selling is something we all do whether we like it or not.
The readers of my ezine all know that I sell as well as give them info. But some of them forget. When they leave, I send them a thank you email and to myself say a quiet goodbye.
This month in my ezine, I'm writing about asking, another thing people are afraid to do because of rejection so your email was very timely. When I send it out next week, I'll tell them to read this blog and these comments.
Trudy Van Buskirk in Toronto, Canada


"Marketing and selling yourself isn't about being careful and nice. It's about sharing something of value with real passion." Perfect quote for the day, week...ok year.



Dear Robert;
I certainly will not be foolish enough to unsubscribe! In the time I have been a subscriber to your ezine, I cannot think of one issue where I have not received valuable information, so keep those offers coming. This week’s issue is no exception. As well as giving us all the opportunity to think about how to promote sales in this type of environment, you have provided some insight into the ongoing angst many people feel when it comes to actually selling. I came across an ‘ah-hah!’ snippet, cleverly hidden in plain sight as just another sentence: “…selling is simply an opportunity to share the value they offer to the world.” While I thought on that, I realized that the only times I have disliked and demonized selling have been when I had no confidence in the value of what I was offering. From now on, when I feel reluctance to sell, I will look a lot more closely at what I am offering for sale!

Sue Burness

Hello Robert: Just thought I'd add my "two cents worth". I subscribe to your ezine and also to Mark Silver's Business with Heart, and a couple of others. I do not find your promotions offensive in any way, and when my business is bringing in enough cash to cover more than the absolute bare necessities, I will more than likely purchase material/courses from both you and Mark who are helping me "on my way up". I'm sure I'm not the only one with this plan.

Judy Murdoch

I was very fortunate to have Thomas Leonard (of CoachU and Coachville fame) as my instructor for the first year of my coach training. A topic that often came up was "edginess." That coaches who were really effective were good a asking provocative questions and made honest observations re what they saw was holding their client back.

I like hanging out with people who push the limits and challenge me. In fact I pay a several people a nice chunk of change to tell me what I need to do that I'm not doing. Not everyone does though.

In my view, I have a business to help clients get results--not to win a popularity contest. My approach isn't for everyone and that's fine by me. My job is to find the people who value what I can do for them and who will do business with me. If it rubs them the wrong way, it's their journey to find what they need to support them.

Thanks again for sharing your experience, Robert. I get a lot from your work and it's nice to know that someone I consider light years ahead of me, still wrestles with these issues from time to time.

Judy Murdoch
Highly Contagious Marketing
Denver, Colorado USA

Tonny García

Well, what am i doing to ruffle some feather?

Nothing - and thanks to your newsletter i understand that that is my problem, not selling myself cus i think is not polite...

Thanks to you, and hail to your mom

Hunter Boyle

Hello Robert,

Great piece. I think the occasional kick in the arse is a must for marketers, especially independent professionals, and once again you've laced up the right pair of boots. I felt the same way about the "Risking by not Risking" piece -- advice I'm trying to make a habit of lately. Why do people who opt-in for a genuinely thought-provoking free e-zine get so up in arms over infrequent promotions designed to benefit them? Just hit delete if you're not interested. It's baffling, but as other readers have noted, those folks aren't your ideal prospects anyway. A slightly smaller yet more qualified list is a good thing in my opinion. Keep up the fine work and stay true to your instincts.


Hunter Boyle

Brian Kolstad

Hi Robert,

I LOVE un-subscribes, and I tell my clients to love them too! I want my communications (both informative and promotional) to go to people who want them.

As for the people that write "hate-mail..." People with that much time on their hands ought to find a hobby...juggling hand-grenades comes to mind.

Thanks for all of the wonderful information you have provided to me over the years. I have purchased both the Action Plan Marketing Workbook and your website kit.

Brian Kolstad

Diane Corriette

Hi Robert
You didn't lose anyone worth keeping anyway! In fact this is a blessing for you because you get to weed out the "tyre kickers!
I had someone subscribe once and then send me an email to say if she had to buy anything or do anything while on the list she didnt want to know. I promptly unsubscribed her and let her know. Who needs it!
A small list of committed people ready to build their business is better than a large list of people looking for freebies.
Keep up the great work. I love what you provide
Diane Corriette (UK)

P.S. Congratulations Pamela Slim :0)

Diane Bogino


You offer practical, useable, real world information.

I'd suggest that people who complain about taking something for free and then complain about the "selling" need to go back to college and take Business 101. Good grief!


Diane Bogino

Kelly Howard

I have been a subscriber of yours for countless years. The information and insight I have received from your email is invaluable. I produce a "free" weekly email and know how much time, effort and cost can go into it. My only concern when you offer a sell is I think I have already purchased all your products - (all well worth the price) and I always look forward to anything new you are offering!

Thank you for all the hard work and great marketing advice.

Kelly Howard

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