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July 31, 2006


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Tim Johnson

Please critique this!

We deal with senior executives who suspect that vendor overpayments are draining their profits and who don't want to pay steep management consulting fees or are concerned that their internal resources don't have the time, skills or benchmarking information to get really good results within a reasonably quick timeframe.


I get a ton out of your ezine, and now your blog. Now if i can only apply it!! In order to improve the website I think we need an updated logo. We also need a better tag line, bla bla bla...

Karl McCracken

Hi -
Happy 'Birthday' and thanks for another great article this week. After last week's, I'd been struggling with the "What do you do" / "How do you do that" / "How does your service work" questions, and this really helped out.

The last two were easy to answer (ultimate outcome & a client story), but the first is something I've never nailed. Because it's hard! I'd got it to "We help people get more done in less time", but that's no-where near - too much about solution, and too vague. But after reading today's article, I think I've had one of those 'lightbulb moments'. What we do is:

"We work with high-growth companies who're struggling to keep up with their customers' demands".

Now to find some people to try it out on!


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