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April 03, 2006


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Philippa Kennealy

Great role for story-telling, Robert - a double whammy with you telling her story as a way of illustrating what it is you do, and her telling her stories to promote her products and services.
It just highlights the power of the emotional connection one can create with a good tale or case study.
I just looked at a new client's retail site with the most beautiful objects for sale, and the site cried out for brief stories about each gorgeously handcrafted item. I wanted to know whose idea each one was, what inspired them, how the item came into being.
I reminded her that marketing and selling are all about developing lasting relationships with customers, and good story-telling is one way to achieve that!
Thak you for your reminder!

Cheryl Miller

I enjoyed reading today's story. Passion makes a life or a business so much bigger.

You asked us to share the passionate core of our businesses. Here's mine:

My passion is to help people live a healthy, happy life . . . in this lifetime. I've worked in the wellness field for almost 20 years and have been concerned that unhealthy aspects of our culture (fast food, junk food, sedentary jobs, consumerism, reliance on drugs and surgery, immediate gratification, etc.) are winning out. Considering our unhealthy lifestyles, it shouldn't surprise us that 1 out of 3 children born after the year 2000 will have diabetes in their lifetime. But that prediction still shocks me.

My mission is to help people set up healthy systems and environments to sustain the healthy choices they really DO want to make. I’m working to create a new health culture – one that brings true pleasure, not the fake pleasure delivered via slick advertising campaigns.

Tim Watts

Absolutely perfect timing to be reading about the Nun,

I have just sent out my first email ad inviting a group of personal trainers I used to work with to join me in learning a new technique (EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique) that will rapidly increase the health and wellbeing of their clients when used in conjunction with their training sessions.

I absolutely LOVE what I do, I love to learn, and more importantly LOVE to teach! I am so enthused by the upcoming seminar (all I need to do now is find/confirm the venue ;-)

I used to get nervous when thinking about marketing, but actually, my mode of thinking has changed - and I now choose to make it fun and joyful.

Blessings to you all,

thanks for such a motivating and inspiring site.

Tim Watts
Global Wellbeing


I loved today's story. I was looking for a little validation that "passion" sells too!

Just because you asked, I'll share with you the passionate core of my business. I know, deep in my heart, that you can have everything you want in life IF you start with your LIFE first and work up. Get a life that works well and feels great and you'll have a foundation from which you can create anything else you want.

Robert, I continue to be inspired by your articles. Thanks!

Albert Grande

What a fantastic story.

I had nuns in school and they were not like Sister Patricia. Indeed.

I totally agree with you Robert. Her authentic voice shows through. This is a lesson we can all learn.

I am working on my own authentic voice.

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