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March 06, 2006


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Account Deleted

I became unreasonable when using your Website Toolkit.

I went through your process exactly as described, but along the way the vision grew - the intention and my passion took over.

I mapped out the site and talked to some people about it. As it grew to almost 40 pages people told me "You can't do that - you don't know anything about this. Start small instead of wasting all that time"... but my unreasonable vision/intention was to make my first effort fulfill everything that I could see (at that time). It may change down the road, but I was unreasonable (according to "them") and my intention is now getting some great feedback!

Thanks for all you offer us,
Christi Bender, Adoption Reunion Coach

Al Rider

"Beyond Intentions" is one of your most inspiring letters. It reminds me that no one stands more in the way of my achieving what I desire for others and myself than me. The harm we do to ourselves from non- belief self talk is immeasurable. How can we expect others to believe in us if we doubt ourselves. Thanks!

Kevin Dervin


I've had several fun things happen in the past week that I credit the power of positive intentions for. I won't bore you or your readers with a list of them, just a reaffirmation that they work.

Your comment about getting out of our own way so you can actually get on with marketing your business reminded me of something. I tell all my clients that I'm very clear about the instant that I became better (i.e., more successful) at marketing. It was when I stopped trying so darn hard and just focused on trying to help my clients solve their problems.

Marketing so often brings up fear of rejection or fear of failure as you suggest. People aren't comfortable with marketing because they think they need to take off their expert hat and put on an uncomfortable "marketing hat". They're looking for perfect marketing phrases and such. But because the stuff they come up with is never perfect, not a whole lot of marketing happens. Forget that...

Staying focused on solving your clients problems fits in perfectly with the concept of positive intentions and what you're saying here.

I don't know if I've been able to express this clearly or not. Bottom line is (1) Focus on how you can solve client's problems and issues. (2) Focus on positive intentions (i.e., great outcomes)... Results will come.

Cara Lumen

I love the idea of being unreasonable when it comes to creating an intention. It goes along with Findhorn's Eileen Cady's advice to "Expect the best, do not settle for second best." Creating that shift in consciousness that opens the floodgates to new opportunities and deeper service takes but a second. It's really as simple as saying "yes."

Thank you for all you do and how you share it.

Cara Lumen

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