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February 13, 2006


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Malcolm Munro

Robert I agree. I'm always torn between not giving my subscribers enough and overwhelming them. I've actually sent out less email recently to my various lists and spending more time on my blog. I'm hoping that by getting fewer messages from me, my subscribers will actually look forward to them. Any thoughts?

Malcolm Munro

Karen Nierlich

Hi Robert,

I can give another glowing testimonial that your marketing formula really does work. I followed your advice closely and it has worked for our business. Marketing and selling get easier the more you do it. People are often sold on the basis of what is on our Web site.

I want to sign up as an affliate but I haven't had time to read the manual. Is there an abbreviated version? Just thought I'd ask.

Congratulations on your many new products and innovations. You are helping many people work for themselves successfully.

Thank you again, Karen

Joanne Estes

As the ownere of a Sales & Leadership training company I recognize that generally, people do hate to sell. Yet there are critical skills that accompany the selling aspect of any transaction, regardless of the amount of marketing that's done. My curiosity do others feel about this? How has "our" community of professionals invested time to establish or polish their selling skills? Does marketing relinquish the need for good selling "technique"? I think not, by virtue of what I do. I believe both co-exist; and when you blend the two together there is an even more powerful energy that can be accessed to fully and completely satisfy your client needs. I'd love to hear others perspective on this!! And I'd love to hear how others have blended the two disciplines together. Pursue Your Vision! Joanne Estes

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