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February 28, 2006


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Charles W. Bear

I was first exposed to "intentions" when being trained on the Franklin Time Management method years ago. Lately there has been a lot of discussion about this method and executing action items. The resulting endorphins release by the brain seem to encourage repeat behavior. Interesting...!

Charles W. Bear

Helen Wade

Like others, I use positive intentions in my work. I have also been reading a book by Lynne McTaggart called 'The Field' which covers some scientific experiements about the power of intentions even over machines! The book is not the easiest read as far as I am concerned and I am still glad I am reading it (just under half of the book to go!).

warm wishes

Jane Hendry

I tried the experiment and it worked!

Thanks Robert. Didn't expect that kind of material from you - but I guess this whole "what's going on on the inside creates what happens on the outside" thing has come of age. Another marketer talks about this stuff as well, and her ezine is now my favourite one each week.

I get my clients to do some exercises on their vision/dream and purpose before we do any work on their marketing. This seems to help them see a brighter future and focus the mind more precisely on exactly what they want and who they want to serve. Often their ideal client or market niche will materialise out of this exercise, when perhaps their minds had been murky on this issue before.

Great stuff!


Vicky White

Hi Robert,

Glad to see you writing about intentions. I use something called the Order Book Process - I've seen it called prepaving and other things. Whenever I need to do something that seems challenging in some way, writing my newsletter or fitting something into my day or anything else, I write half a page as if it has already happened - writing about how happy I feel and how it all came together so easily and putting as many emotions into it as possible. It works everytime, and my clients have reported amazing things happening in their lives. What we focus on expands. My work incorporates Feng Shui, the Law of Attraction and Intention - when we get our inner selves - intention, values, dreams aligned with our outerselves - environment and inspired actions - that's when everything flows and we are supported in living our purpose and doing what we are here to do.

All power to you!

David Landis


WOW! I tried your "intention experiment" last week. I wrote down three things: hire a new, well qualified candidate; get a specific prospect as a client; and buy a piece of photography.

Guess what? All three came true!

You're a genius.

I'm doing this every week. Keep up the good work!

David Landis
Landis Communications Inc. (LCI), the Bay Area's consumer public relations experts
[email protected]

Melissa Oaks


I have used intentions for a long time. I first got the idea from Joe Vitale's ebook Spiritual Marketing. I read that book back in September of 2001. After reading that book, I set an intention for my high blood pressure to disappear. [Some background info about my high blood pressure: In my 6th month pregnancy of my 4th child I had developed high blood pressure. My OB could not figure out what was causing it. She prescribed numerous medications and nothing worked. My high blood pressure continued throughout my entire pregnancy and continued after I gave birth. About a month later, which was end of September of 2001, my OB ordered me to stop nursing so that she could increase the dosage of medications without putting my child at risk. (This was right after 9/11 attacks, so that didn't help my blood pressure either and probably made it worse. Stress is a contributing factor to high blood pressure.) My blood pressure still remained high after numerous medications, and numerous EKG's still didn't give any indication of what was causing it, and my OB wanted to hospitalize me because I refused to take my medications. I had 4 kids to take care of and the meds did nothing for my blood pressure and made me feel tired.] By this time I knew something had to be done. That is when I made my intention. Two weeks later I went to my OB for a follow up and my blood was 118/83. (My blood pressure during previous visits had ranged from 128-142/104-112.) To say the least, my OB was amazed and asked if I had gone back on my meds. I told her that I wasn't taking anything.

Since then I have used intentions several times to attract other things. Joe Vitale has since published a book based upon the principles in Spiritual Marketing, its called The Attractor Factor-5 Easy Steps For Creating Wealth (Or Anything Else) From The Inside Out. You can find it on amazon. I purchased a copy when it first came out and I highly recommend you read it if you are interested in intentions.

Intentions work!! I highly recommend that you put this experiment into action and see what you will attract into your life. Great idea Robert!! Thank you sharing this experiment.

Galba Bright

Hello Robert

In 1998 I drew a picture of the end result of a successful project and I hadn't even started it at the time ! I meditated on the picture in the morning and in the evening. The project results exceeded everyone's expectations. Since then I've regularly drawn and reviewed my intentions.

Our imagination and will are powerful resources. Publishing our intentions creates a vacuum that the will and other forces are compelled to fill.

My written intention is to have an interactive, profitable website before June 16th.

Thanks again Robert for combining marketing ideas and personal development issues so powerfully.

Sasha LeBaron

Hi Robert!

Great article, in fact it was so good I just sent it on to my list! I work with what I call manifestation (intention) and I know it works!

It is great to see that a hard core marketing guru like yourself isn't immune to a little "new age" fun! :)

Bottom line: We are much more than we ever let ourselves believe we are capable of, so go for it!

Thanks for the great newsletter, (3 year subscriber) and have a great day!


Sasha LeBaron


Whew! My first intention "Get that site going!" same today as yesterday because I got side-tracked (as usual) but I did get some of the necessary research done and also got two Avertising pieces ready for print...WeeHoo! It helps alot but I sure need to figure out how to focus, focus, focus! Thanks so much for the encouragement.

Annie Meachem

I love working with intention, and the law of attraction which is the mechanism that makes intention work. I've combined it with marketing, and personal development into a program that I deliver and into a book that's called Attraction Marketing: How to Attract All the Perfect Clients You Want, which is available from Amazon, or as an ebook from Bookshaker (

If anyone would like to listen to a free recording about Attraction & Intention, you're very welcome to do so on my site,

The power of intention has been known about for many centuries by some people, but now is becoming far more widely known and accepted as the way to create the reality that you want.

I'm so pleased to read you talking about intention, Robert, and would be delighted if more and more people could understand how it works and how you can use it to create amazing results in your world.

Rochelle Dent

I've had an intention for the last week to find a new charity to donate 10% of my income to. I hadn't thought much about it, just had the intention. This morning I attended my regular network breakfast meeting, and the guest speaker was a lady looking for sponsors for the local papers "Newspapers in Education" program. The amount they are looking for on a regular basis just happens to be 10% of my current income - I signed up straight away!
I love the idea of starting every day with a written down intention - can't wait to see what happens :)

Ian Ambrosen

I like the sound of this, been reading a lot recently about self improvement etc, but this has never cropped up. Just arrived in my inbox this morning and the very next thing I do is put that intention in my to do list, and get it to remind me every hour! I'll report back on what the outcome is next week.

Hope all your deams come true! (and mine too!!)

Susan Pomeroy

Well. Today I tried this for the first time. My very first experimental intention, which I wrote down on my daily calendar, was "get huge boost from unknown phone call." A couple of hours later, I got a call that I'd won a raffle prize--a raffle which someone else entered for me--of dinner for two plus tickets to a show. How about that!


I can't believe it - I have been mulling over the topic for my upcoming newsletter - intentions as well! I definitely use intentions - used them to attract my husband. I decided I wanted to find a husband, wrote a letter to my future husband dated the day we were to be married. Two months later I met the man I married three years later just in December 2005. I saved the letter and gave it to him the morning of our wedding.

Intentions? Oh yeah!

Brian Sekula

I have all of my clients do this. I call it their Intention Header. It goes at the top of every piece of paper they use. Whether they are taking notes, writing down their schedule, whatever. They have great success. As for personal experience, I am in the process of publishing a nutrition book and I wanted some feedback. My Intention Header was to have 20 people read it and give me feedback with the promise of their own copy. I checked my download statistics and it had been downloaded more than 50 times in two weeks. So I guess my intentions expanded!

Kevin Dervin

I love it!

The power of positive intention is indeed something I believe in. That which you focus on expands.

It reminds me of a visioning exercise I go through with my clients. I ask them to close their eyes for a few minutes and imagine their phenominal success in the next two to three years. Then we play pictionary and I ask them to draw a picture(s) of what that tremendous success will look like. Just like Pictionary, they don't use letters, words, or numbers - only images.

Participants are always surprised when good things just start to happen a week or two later. But that is the power of positive intention.

I'm totally intrigued by this mini, repetitive experimental approach.

I can't wait to do it myself as well as get my clients committing to it.

Thanks for the great idea Robert!

Barry W. Morris

I, too, write a weekly ezine article at this week it is on attracting more business through setting positive intentions. (What is that saying...Great minds think alike?) Though I don't use your "intention" terminology, it comes back to the same process. I've used a mataphysical approach to my business and personal life and have seen amazing results. To all skeptics, ask yourself, "What do I have to lose?" The power of intention is free and its offer of reward never expires! Great article. Thanks.


I like your "Intention Muscle Training". I had to smile thinking about it. Looking forward to start next week.

Good Job!

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