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January 08, 2006


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Juliet Austin

While I have had my moments of needing to set things on fire, a more common challenge of mine is how do I do I stay with the fire at a steady, even and productive pace and not let it get ahead of me?

I find that patience and focus are my greatest assets in helping me accept that my vision is always going to contain much more than I can ever acccomplish.

Rich Brooks [flyte]


You mention your email subscriber base as a great place for "stored marketing energy." I would agree, and add your blog readers to that list.

I also know that you're a big fan of AWeber; well, as you may know, AWeber now offers an email version of your blog feed (also known as an RSS or Real Simple Syndication feed.)

If you already have an AWeber account, you can create a plain text or HTML email version of your blog's RSS feed; AWeber even allows you to add your own marketing message to each email that goes out. All you need to do is add a little extra code to your blog page.

It's perfect for those people who want to subscribe to your blog, but don't "get" RSS.

Once you log in to AWeber you can find it under Messages > Feed Broadcaster. You can choose from one of their designs or build your own if you are comfortable with HTML.

We're doing ours now ( and plan on having it done in the next week or so.

Elaine Robinson

This is why your Action Plan Toolkit is so valuable. It gets people to stop thinking about the logs sitting in the fireplace and gets them to commit to finding the matches, opening the floo, and getting that fire roaring by such and such time/date. Thinking doesn't do it. Doing does it. Small steps taken over time produce large results.


Great suggestions Robert!

I suspect we all have lots of stored energy. The intriquing part is where to focus?

For me this year it will be my list. I want to build it, groom it, all in support of the launch of my book, "Beyond The Pain"



I'm going to revisit my packages and name them something descriptive - making sure, of course, that my titles aren't so corny that I'm embarrassed to say them on the phone!

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