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January 30, 2006


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Andrea Susan Glass

As always your article on selling spoke to me. I guess I'm not the only entrepreneur who became one because I had a specific skill, which is writing, but not the skill of sales, which is the primary way to get clients to use my skill. So I know if I want to make money selling my writing, I have to be a salesperson. The process in your article gives me a relatively easy formula to follow, that with practice I'm sure I can master. Thanks again.

Clark Quinn

Robert, last weeks article really hit home for me; I envisioned surfing, and had a client on the line; they lowballed my original offer (which was cheekily high, but they'd asked me for an off-the-cuff answer) and I was uncomfortable until I remembered your advice and relaxed and flowed into a way to suggest a better price (paraphrased: you know, I'd rather put it here, then I can feel comfortable with the preparation time), which they accepted.

This week's article again is very focused in ways I can put into practice. I love this new theme; great stuff! Thanks and all the best, -- Clark

Nancy Radford

Not only I, but so many of my colleagues find your articles helpful. The transforming the selling experience is particularly helpful for the British who think of selling and trade as a bad thing!
I also found your "effortless selling" article helped us understand why some approaches work better than others. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Galba Bright

Hello Robert:

This is an excellent article. One of your great strengths is in encouraging people to escape marketing inertia and take action. Your method isn't effortless. In my view it's focussed, systematic and interactive. The bottom line is, it's helping me to get better business results, so the "effort" is justified by the returns.
Thank you.
Galba Bright

Rochelle Dent

Hi Robert,
This really resonates with me at the moment. Over the last few weeks I have acquired several new clients in a very effortless way. After reading your article I can see that I have instinctively used the exact same steps you are talking about - without realising it. Now I know how to repeat the process without guessing. Thanks!

Jonathan Hall

Hi Robert

In respect of your last four questions, I always switch the last two around. Getting clients to think how good the future could be, makes them want to invest in a change and makes them see how in reality they can't afford not to.

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